We provide mobile ATMs for any type of event – small or large, indoor or outdoor.


Music festivals, Expos, Carnivals, Agricultural shows, Sporting events, Air shows, Fairs, concerts, Fund raisers and many more.

If patrons leave your event to get cash you risk them rethinking their purchase or rethinking coming back to your event at all. Eliminate the issue with ATM placements.

ATM Today Provides:

  • Onsite service and cash management
  • Timely ATM set up and breakdown
  • Single or multiple ATM placements
  • Eye catching signage
  • Advertising Opportunities

**Reduce customer waiting and frustration – it’s faster to process a cash transaction. 

ATM wireless communication gives you the flexibility to place the ATM anywhere that suits you and your type of event. All we require is access to a 110 outlet within a reasonable distance of the ATM placement.

We estimate that 80% of money withdrawn at an event stays at the event. It’s easy to see that the investment you make in giving your patrons easy access to cash, can contribute to the overall success of your event.